The Enterprise Troopers

What we do
As Enterprise Troopers we come up with great business ideas and launch them using the special enterprise skills we have, as you can see above.
Find the Enterprise Trooper in you!

The great thing is that our skills aren’t that ‘special’, everyone has these skills, including you! This competition will give you the chance to prove it.

With help from your teachers, you and your friends could be your own boss. You’ll love it!

How we can help?
We’re here to help you find your enterprise skills. Soon you’ll have a great attitude like Amy, be really creative like Callum, be great at relationships like Rhian, and love organising things like Owain!

What else?
If you’re stuck, you can have a look at what we’ve done and learn from that. If we find some other great ideas that some friends have done, we’ll borrow them for our links section. We’ll also help with all the new words you’ll have great fun learning!

We will help your teachers too. Tell them to visit the Teacher Zone.