Competition Overview

The competition aims to develop the ACRO skills in children: Attitude, Creativity, Relationships and Organisation. Evidence of these skills in your entry will be a key consideration.

The school’s competition entry for each age range must demonstrate that the pupils understand how and why their business performed as it did.

Specifically each school entry must involve the pupils and should include the following :

  1. Name and description of enterprise activity
  2. What skills pupils developed and used, particularly linked to the ACRO skills:
    • Attitude: Understanding self and motivation, setting and achieving goals
    • Creativity: Generating ideas, solving problems and creating opportunities
    • Relationships: Expressing views and ideas, appreciating others’ viewpoints and working co-operatively
    • Organisation: Ability to make decisions and fulfil objectives.

3. Why the pupils think they should win the competition – this could include:

  • Why they chose their enterprise activity?
  • How they benefited personally from taking part?
  • Who they worked with e.g. businesses/local entrepreneurs?
  • What went well and what would they do differently next time
  • Evidence of profits generated
  • There is also the opportunity to upload a maximum of 4 images to illustrate the project as part of the entry

The entry can be submitted online or you can download the entry form and post it to us at:

Prospects Cazbah
15 Neptune Court,
Ocean Way,
Cardiff Bay,
CF24 5PJ

All we ask is that it addresses the criteria above and is clearly driven by the children.

We welcome entries in Welsh or English.