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Working in partnership is an essential part of being a great entrepreneur. The links featured on this page will take you to websites we think can help you develop entrepreneurial skills. This could be by learning from others, reading in more depth about entrepreneurship, or even getting inspiration from an enterprise game!

Big Ideas Wales – The home of the campaign to encourage young people to be more entrepreneurial and help those interested in starting a business take their ideas forward.

Big Ideas Wales – primary
    Links to Enterprise Troopers, The Fiver Challenge and Cracking Ideas. 
    You can never be too young to be an entrepreneur!

Big Ideas Wales – secondary
    Links to The Tenner Challenge and how to book a workshop for your pupils.

National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (5-14)    Up to the minute information and announcements,  news and important information from our digital platforms in Wales.

Impact School Improvement Ltd is a specialist education consultancy that believes in making an impact on pupil outcomes. We provide support for senior leaders, teachers and support staff to raise standards in Literacy and Numeracy and address the demands of the new Wales curriculum as outlined in the Donaldson Review. We believe in depth of learning and use sketch-noting to support pupils to master skills across the curriculum.

Impact helps schools to identify areas of the new curriculum that they need to develop further, such as creating learners who are, ‘Enterprising, creative contributors’. Enterprise Troopers is the perfect opportunity for schools to showcase the work they have been doing to address the new curriculum and prepare learners for the demands of adult life in the 21st Century.

We’re Keep Wales Tidy – the charity working across Wales to protect our environment for now and for the future.

We know a good quality environment matters to people and the benefits can have a big impact on our communities, health and well-being and economy.

We take action to make a positive difference and our work ranges far and wide! We deliver practical action, environmental education, training, business services and environmental solutions across Wales.

We help set the standards high for parks, beaches, marinas and tourism in Wales through our range of internationally-accredited awards as well as being policy and research experts in our field.

We do all of this for one reason – our vision is a beautiful Wales that is cared for and that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our International Eco-Schools programme in Wales has over 90% of schools participating. This year we are excited to encourage schools to enter the Enterprise Troopers competition, asking that they highlight the wonderful enterprising work they are involved in. We will share the inspiring Eco Enterprise activities with our vast network and look forward to the creativity and inspiration our pupils never fail to produce.

Visit our website to see the range of our work

Ynni Da has been supporting schools with energy workshops, numeracy & data opportunities, and inspiring educational support since 2011.

Based in West Wales, Ynni Da travels the whole of Wales and offers schools the most inspiring and exciting experiences that bring energy to life.

We offer our services through the mediums of both Welsh and English and, using our extensive experience in education, we deliver these services in a way that complements the existing activities within the individual schools.

Aled Vaughan Owen is the owner of Ynni Da and is a qualified teacher, engineer, electrician and all-round entrepreneur. He and his staff between them have around 25 years experience in education and sustainability, which enables Ynni Da to offer the best possible support for schools, colleges and universities.

Crime Solvers Ltd is a Welsh company delivering workshops based on forensic science and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) to schools throughout south Wales. Each workshop allows children to work collaboratively in teams to investigate simulated crime scenes using actual techniques and equipment used by real investigators. The process seeks to develop skills in numeracy, literacy, developing ideas and problem solving by means of an entertaining, stimulating and thought provoking event.

Successful Futures
   – The new primary curriculum has so much potential for creativity and enterprise. 
Many schools are discovering enterprise is a perfect way to get ‘Donaldson-ready’.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 
  Annual event to show there are no boundaries – great way to develop the international dimension in the primary classroom. Lots of ideas from primary schools around the world.

Cornerstones Curriculum Wales – 
Lots of fantastic opportunities for primary enterprise projects in Cornerstones from Lotions & Potions to Imaginative Learning topics – Nursery to Year 6.  Why not use enterprise to bridge the KS2-3 Transition gap?

The School Enterprise Challenge   Another great competition, this time for older students, the Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge is a unique international business competition for school students,  aiming to identify and reward the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow. It could be a great place for inspirational ideas.

Young Enterprise   Lots of case-studies from all ages and abilities.

Biz Kids   A US site supporting teachers teach Business Education, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship in the classroom for primary and secondary age pupils. There are videos  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” including a YouTube channel of episodes featuring children of different ages as entrepreneurs as well as a mix of informational videos about money in everyday life with associated lesson plans and activity prompt sheets.

My Kinda Crowd   An online resource providing the means to connect young people with businesses. It is designed for schools looking to work on problem-solving projects based on the world of work to connect with businesses which would support this. Even if not using the connecting tool the ideas presented could provide the inspiration for a world of work project in-school.

Micro-Tyco – A competition to ignite the spirit of enterprise across our whole culture, from our leading corporates to our universities, secondary and primary schools, and even nurseries in-school.

Primary Enterprise in Scotland  
Interesting to see how the rest of the UK is approaching enterprise – some fabulous examples from Scottish schools, not just projects but their 7-year entrepreneurial learning programme.

Article:  ICT for teaching & Learning – 
Useful ideas and links for Educating in Entrepreneurship in the Classroom –