Supporting the New Curriculum in Wales  – Enterprise Troopers and the LNF

As changes take place in Wales, enterprise activity is helping schools meet national requirements.

The Donaldson review recommended that as educationalists we provide a broad and balanced curriculum where creativity can be allowed to thrive and schools produce ambitious and enterprising contributors.

Enterprise Troopers offers all this and more.

Support Materials 1 – 12b

The following Key Stage 2 curriculum-linked support materials have been designed to support you on your enterprise journey.  The suggested activities encourage children to develop their understanding of enterprise and provide exciting ‘real life’ opportunities to develop and apply a range of skills.  The suggested plan takes the activity from inception to completion.  Feel free to adapt and use as you wish.

Literacy and Numeracy Skills Pathways

Each of the activities (1 – 12b) have been mapped against the LNF to show where there are explicit opportunities to develop the required skills in KS2 – from numerical reasoning and handling data to writing for meaning, reading, discussion and presentation skills.

The level of challenge will be dependent on your own pupils and can be adapted accordingly.

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Enterprise Troopers Literacy Skills Pathways

Enterprise Troopers Literacy Skill Pathways

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Activity 1 What should we do? Thinking of a product
Activity 2a Who shall we speak to? Preparing for a visitor
Activity 2b Where shall we go? Preparing for a visit
Activity 3 What did we find out? Finding out from a visit / visitor
Activity 4 Can we plan? Writing a business plan
Activity 5a Who is best at? Deciding roles
Activity 5b Key word card sort A literacy task to introduce key enterprise vocabulary
Activity 6 What shall we call ourselves? Creating a company name
Activity 7 What do people want? Conducting marketing research
Activity 8a How can we advertise? Creating an advert
Activity 8b Creating an advert checklist Pupil checklist
Activity 9 How do we make it? Choosing the best method to produce a product
Activity 10a Can we sell it? Understanding the enterprise’s finances
Activity 10b Key word matching task A literacy task to introduce finance vocabulary
Activity 11 We can do it Selling the product / carrying out the service
Activity 12a How well did we do? Evaluating the enterprise
Activity 12b Evaluation checklist Pupil checklist

Enterprise Troopers Links with the Curriculum in Wales Activities for Progression

This table provides a snapshot example of where and how progression can be built into the Enterprise Troopers competition. Business activity presents a perfect opportunity for pupils to reflect on their own achievement  (“I can” and “I have”).

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Enterprise Troopers Links with Curriculum in Wales_Page_1

Enterprise Troopers Links with Curriculum in Wales

There are also genuine opportunities within the Cornerstones curriculum to incorporate exciting ideas for enterprise activity.

Wider Skills

The very nature of enterprise provides real-life opportunities to develop wider skills of
– critical thinking
– problem solving
– planning and organising
– creativity and innovation
– personal effectiveness
We would welcome any feedback you might have on both the content and relevance. We would like to receive your suggestions for the development of future resources.

If any enterprise in taking place in your school we would like to feature you on our good practice page.

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