Foundation Phase learning activities

The Foundation Phase competition activities and support materials have been designed to develop children’s entrepreneurial behaviour from an early age, really bringing enterprise to life in a fun and interactive way.

The activities encourage children to solve problems, discuss outcomes, and adopt a range of roles within small groups, or when working within a team.

Foundation Phase Competition Support Materials

The following Foundation Phase resources have been developed to support you with Enterprise activities in school.  We would welcome any feedback you might have on both the content and relevance.  We would also like to receive your suggestions for the development of future resources.

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Activity 1 What’s going on locally? A visit to the local area
Activity 2 What could we do? Thinking of a product
Activity 3a Who shall we speak to? Preparing for a visitor
Activity 3b Where shall we go? Preparing for a visit
Activity 4 What did we find out? Finding out from a visit / visitor
Activity 5 What do people want? Conducting market research
Activity 6 What shall we call ourselves? Creating a company name
Activity 7 How can we advertise? Creating an advert
Activity 8 We can make it! Making a product
Activity 9 How do we deal with customers? Communication with customers
Activity 10 We can sell it Selling a product or service
Activity 11 How well did we do? Evaluating the enterprise